Journal Publication History Policy

Since the first publication of this journal, the publication schedule at Widya Yuridika: Jurnal Hukum is twice a year in June and December. The publication process runs consistently from 2018 to 2021.

At the beginning of 2022, the publication process of this journal refers to the completion of the manuscript review process, so it is not based on the previous publication schedule, because it wants to catch up with the renewal of manuscripts and the number of high-quality manuscript submissions. Thus, the publication process changes to three times a year but still two numbers in a year, namely numbers 1 and 2 in a year.

Due to the increasing number of manuscripts submitted to Widya Yuridika: Jurnal hukum, the journal policy in 2023 will publish three times a year starting from Volume (6), precisely in April, August, and December. Furthermore, the journal publication process refers to the completion of the journal management process. The hope is to be able to accommodate the novelty of the theme and disseminate knowledge.

Widya Yuridika: Jurnal Hukum will display innovative journal cover displays and manuscript layouts according to developments. These changes will begin consistently at the beginning of the volume in the publication year until the last number on the issue volume.

Widya Yuridika: Jurnal Hukum.
Faculty of Law, Universitas Widya Gama, Malang, Indonesia.